Office, Home and Internet Selling Tools
Making a good decision on whether or not to own Long Term Care insurance depends upon receiving factual information on the subject.   LTC CEO was developed to offer agents the tools they need to help their clients make wise decisions.

LTC CEO Features:

  • Consumer Presentation
  • Customizable Consumer Presentation
  • Product Presentations on our Premiere Senior Products
Answer Objections with Ease
  • Proven objection answers from the top LTCi agents in the nation
  • All have brief consumer slide shows to provide visual, solid, decision points to present to your clients
Internet Sales
  • Learn how to sell like the pros - close those phone and Internet sales with our brand new sales guide.
Perfect Portfolio
  • Everything you need at your fingertips to learn, present and sell our hand-selected insurance products designed to help your clients by saving them time and offering them more flexibility
  • The most valuable Sales, Medicare, Medicaid and VA resources at your fingertips.
  • Valuable, but not wasteful. You won’t find irrelevant information here!
  • Mark Randall has selected the resources that will have the most value to agents, not just take up computer space.
  • Mark Randall’s ever-popular “Medicaid Personal Spend-down and Partnership Calculator”
  • Tom Randall’s hot new “Critical Cash Bucket” Calculator Premium Illustrator
  • Inflation Comparison Calculator and our MutualCare Custom Solutions version
Sales Strategies Training
  • The newest most cutting edge sales training from the Industry's leading experts
Free Updates
  • Updated at least every 6 months, CEO users can easily update their software to keep current with the most cutting edge tools and up-to-date resources in the industry.


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